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Urchin 5 Reports and Features


Urchin is the software driving the online Google Analytics program. Whilst Google assure us that website data is not accessible to Google, and that any concerns for privacy are met fully, you may pefer to retain your data in house.

Urchin 5.0 is the most recent published version, with Urchin 6.0 in beta.

  • Provides 100 website profiles - $USD 895
    Additional 100 profiles - $USD 695
  • Ecommerce Reporting Module - $USD 695
  • Campaign Tracking - $2,995
  • Load Balancing - If your website is load-balanced over more than one server, you will need Urchin's Load Balancing Module for each server involved beyond the first. The Load Balancing Module enables every Profile you have enabled to process an additional log file - $695.

The software provides the following reports in three main categories


Traffic & Visitor Reports


Use traffic reports to monitor traffic flow, bounce rate and the impact of any site changes.

Reports Include:

  • Sessions Graph
  • Pageviews Graph
  • Hits Graph
  • Bytes Graph
  • Summary
  • Load Balancing
    • Log Source by Hits
    • Log Source by Bytes


Visitors and Sessions

Visitor and session reports indicate an overall attraction to your site and the stickiness of the site to regular, return visitors.

Reports Include:

  • Visitors by Day
  • Sessions by Day
  • Unique Visitors
  • Unique Sessions
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Session Frequency
  • Summary


Pages & Files

Provide an indication of which content on your site is the most sought after, and together with Average Time on Page - how compelling the content is.

Reports Include:

  • Requested Pages
  • Downloads
  • Page Query Terms
  • Posted Forms
  • Status and Errors
  • All Files
    • All Files by Hits
    • All Files by Bytes
  • Directory Drilldown
    • Directory by Pages Drilldown
    • Directory by Files Drilldown
    • Directory by Bytes Drilldown
  • File Types
    • File Types by Hits
    • File Types by Bytes



Navigation reports indicate the flow of traffic through your site, and may indicate that more navigation or additional content promotions need to be added to pages that demonstrate a higher than average Exit Page Rate.

Reports Include:

  • Entrance Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Click Paths
  • Click To and From
  • Length of Pageview
  • Depth of Session
  • Length of Session



Very valuable to indicate where your traffic is coming from. This helps to frame ongoing promotions and where site partnerships show potential value.

Reports Include:

  • Referrals
  • Referral Drilldown
  • Search Terms
  • Search Engines
  • Referral Errors


Domains & Users

Reports Include:

  • Domains
  • Domain Drilldown
  • Countries
  • IP Addresses
  • IP Drilldown
  • Usernames
    • Usernames by Hits
    • Usernames by Bytes
    • Usernames by Sessions


Browser & Robots

Reports Include:

  • Browsers
    • Browsers by Sessions Drilldown
    • Broswers by Hits Drilldown
    • Browsers by Bytes Drilldown
  • Platforms
    • Platforms by Sessions Drilldown
    • Platforms by Hits Drilldown
    • Platforms by Bytes Drilldown
  • Combos
    • Combos by Sessions
    • Combos by Hits
    • Combos by Bytes
  • Robots
    • Robots by Hits Drilldown
    • Robots by Bytes Drilldown


Client Parameters

Reports Include:

  • Screen Resolution
  • Screen Colors
  • Languages
  • Java Enabled
  • Timezone Offset
  • Javascript Version


E-Commerce Reports

Reports Include:

  • Revenue
  • Number of Transactions
  • E-Commerce Summary
  • Products
    • Products by Revenue
    • Products by Quantity
    • Products by Revenue Drilldown
    • Products by Quantity Drilldown
  • Revenue Source
    • Revenue by City
    • Revenue by Referrals
    • Revenue by Search Terms
    • Revenue by Region Drilldown
    • Revenue by Search Engines Drilldown
    • Revenue by Domains Drilldown


Campaign Tracking Reports

Reports Include:

  • Overall Results
  • Goal Results
  • Lead Sources
    • Acquisition
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Keyword Analysis
    • Acquisition
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Keyword Comparison
    • Acquisition
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Campaign Comparison
    • Acquisition
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Medium Comparison
    • Acquisition
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Content (A/B) Testing
    • Acquisitio
    • Quality
    • Conversion
    • ROI
  • Latency Reports
    • Time to Goal
    • Sessions to Goal
    • Time to Transaction
    • Sessions to Transaction
  • Day Parts Breakdown
    • Goal Conversion by Hour
    • Sales Conversion by Hour
  • Click Fraud Watch
    • Repeat Clicks by IP
    • Repeat Clicks by Source

Urchin 6 Is Now in Limited Beta Worldwide!

And the good news is that Google is changing how the product is packaged.... and PRICED!!

Previously, Urchin consisted of a core piece costing US$895 and optional modules, including one that cost almost $4,000.

The new version integrates all pieces in one product that will sell for $2,995.

That makes it a whole lot more affordable for businesses to use Web analytics software to track, measure and analyze their Web sites' traffic. This information supports decisions on how to modify site layout to increase sales, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

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